Gull Lake Printing and Custom Apparel began in 2011 in Richland Michigan. Two former US Army veterans came together to form and build a unique custom apparel company. From our humble begins to our current state of the art facility we are committed to bringing our customer the best of the best.

We are not a heartless mass production company kicking shirts out without regard for quality, wear ability or durability. Every shirt is printed as if we were going to wear it ourselves. One of our sayings is happy customer’s happy company. We love to hear excited reactions from our customers that is our reward!!

Our ability to offer affiliates stores is one of our passions. Helping our affiliates to become successful is a true joy. Beginning in a 900 square foot facility we understand like few do that getting started is nerve racking and painful. Our affiliate program targets and eliminates a huge portion of that stress. For our affiliates that have already become successful and are looking for a platform to launch even further, we continue to look for the latest and great technology and printing techniques to drive sales higher and higher. We are here to help you be successful, your success and our success are intertwined.

We hope our passion for the custom print industry is well reflected by our website. We look forward to working with you!

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